Thursday, March 6, 2014

GINS Quote

This quote adresses multiple issues, and the main issues in Afghanistan today. Those are: the Taliban and discrimination against women. I believe that this quote is very powerful because it directly showcases the Taliban worldview. I tried to make it very simplistic but powerful. I decided to just use a dark background to show the darkness of the Taliban and their dark plans. I chose a single Talib man staring directly at you. I feel like it shows the intensity and hatred, and it also feels like he is saying it, like the quote is a representation of his worldview. I chose this picture because the pain and suffering of his nation, but also the evil is reflected in his eyes. I chose a red font because I feel like it reflects all of the bloodshed that goes on because of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The actual font I chose because I thought it looked pretty intense with all capital letters, but still not comically so. Overall, I tried to choose a very powerful image but still keep the layout simple.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

GINS Post 7 - Exploring Empathy

Daily life for my GINS character from Afghanistan is not like daily life for a Canadian. Daily life for her means not being able to go out after dark. Daily life for her means living in fear of terrorist organizations like the Taliban. Daily life for her means never feeling truly safe. Daily life for her means constant discrimination. My life is a cake walk compared to hers. I get three meals a day. I do not need to fear for suicide bombers or merciless killers. Although I have not experienced a life like she lives, I understand that it is not easy. My life would sound like a dream to her, even though we often forget how privileged we are. The only true way to know how good we have it is to know how those less privileged live.